Gem Concrete Necklace by BAARA Jewelry, Handmade Silver and Cement Necklace, Industrial Jewellry, Handmade Neck Piece, Art Jewelry
Gem Concrete Necklace by BAARA Jewelry, Silver and Cement Necklace, Industrial Jewelry, Statement Neckpiece, Art Jewelry
Concrete Gem Necklace by BAARA Jewelry, Minimalist Necklace, Cement Necklace

Gem Concrete Necklace - Silver Leaf Concrete Coating

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Modern minimalist necklace featuring a gem-like concrete pendant cast by hand, half coated with silver colored leaf and strung on a sterling silver delicate chain. 

Due to the concrete pendant, this geometric necklace has a distinct urban feel to it that makes a real statement. Exactly that little something your outfit needs to make it stand out.



  • The pendant measures about 1.2 inches in diameter (3 cm).
  • Length of necklace is approximately 18.5 inches (46 cm) not including pendant with an additional 1.2 inch (3 cm) adjustable necklace.
  • The concrete gem is sealed with acrylic sealer for durability.

 Additional information:

  • The necklace is delicate yet has a modern industrial feel to it due to the concrete element.
  • Even thought concrete is usually conceived as being heavy, it is only true for large pieces. On a small scale, concrete is actually surprisingly lightweight, so this necklace is comfortable and not heavy at all!
  • Since the components of this necklace are made by hand each one is slightly different resulting in a unique piece, that may vary a little from the picture above.
  • Due to the nature of concrete, the concrete gem will age beautifully over time and use becoming darker, and even more unique.

For a different necklace length please feel free to contact us.