Concrete Gems Collection

Concrete. rough, textured. The complete opposite of shiny diamonds and gems.

The concrete Gem collection was designed with diamonds and gems as inspiration, but instead of sparkly stones, an unusual material was used - concrete. In this collection, the concrete gems are hand cast in various shades of grey concrete, and used as pendants for necklaces. Some of these concrete gems are then covered in silver or gold colored leaf, creating many variations. Each of them will be different and unique. Also, due to the nature of concrete, minor imperfections and different shades are formed. Which, kind of like in the Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetics, actually adds to the beauty of the final pieces. These pendants are then strung on chains that are made of Sterling Silver, black oxidized sterling silver, and goldfield.

These necklaces have nothing delicate about them. They are worn to be noticed. This is an urban collection with a lot of presence.