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About Us

My name is Baara Guggenheim and I am the designer behind BAARA Jewelry.

After years of creating as a hobby I followed my heart, studied metalsmithing, and started BAARA with a vision of making minimalist, geometric jewelry, incorporating unconventional materials: first and foremost concrete.

We all strive to surround ourselves with beauty, and allow our inner personalities to surface. It is with this in mind that I design and create our jewelry. Excellent craftsmanship, top quality, and unique designs, are all important elements in the production of our handmade jewelry.

My inspiration comes from the world that surrounds me, and being a city girl at heart, concrete was a natural choice. The versatility of this material, as well as the hard, heavy feeling of it, when combined in delicate geometric jewelry results in small scale wearable works of art.

The jewelry BAARA offers include earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Some dramatic, some understated, and all with a definite minimal design. When designing, I try to deconstruct basic forms to their minimum bare original, play with the combination of the metal and concrete, to create contemporary, elegant jewelry.

There are even jewelry for men - check out the Unisex section.

For any comments, questions, or if you have something to share, I can be reached at

To catch glimpses of our process, what inspires us, and other news from the studio, you can follow us on InstagramPinterest. or  Facebook (in Hebrew),

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