Ring Size Guide

Ring size guide - BAARA Concrete Jewelry

Have you fallen in love with a ring but don't know which size to order?

Do You want to gift a ring to a friend but don't  know their ring size?

No problem!

Here are all the ways to find out your ring size:

  1. The classic option - have a jeweler measure your finger size to determine your ring size. This is the most accurate option.
  2. The modern technology option - there are numerous apps you can use to find out the size of any ring you have on hand. I like this one.
  3. The homey way - print out this file which includes ways to measure an existing ring or your fingers to determine the ring size for any finger.

This is how it's done:

Measuring an existing ring

Do you have a ring that is a perfect fit?

Are you buying a gift for a friend and have access to a ring that fits them?

Print this file and place the ring on the circles until you find the one in which the inner diameter of the ring is a perfect fit and voila! You found the ring size.

Measuring the finger to find out its ring size

Another option is to measure the finger itself. Cut out the "arrow" according to the instructions, measure the relevant finger and you are done! Simple and easy.

To get started, print out this file (make sure your printer is set to 100% print size) and follow the detailed instructions.

A few remarks

  • If your ring size is between sizes, I recommend ordering the bigger one.
  • In case of open rings BAARA offers only full sizes, and not half sizes since this type of ring can be slightly adjusted the first time it is worn. This offers a small flexibility in sizes. In the case of open rings, I would suggest getting the smaller size if you need to choose between two sizes.
  • For rings with a wide band it is recommended to order a ring which is half to one size bigger than your usual size as wider rings are often a little bit harder to take off and fit tighter.

Now that you found your ring size - go ahead and choose a ring!