Taking care of your jewelry

  • Although concrete is a strong and durable material, on a small scale it’s not indestructible. Please take care not to drop or knock the jewelry as it is may chip and mark.
  • The concrete elements of the jewelry will change and vary slightly over time due to the oils on our skin and will age beautifully and uniquely.
  • You may want to polish up the metal parts of the jewelry but avoid getting cleaning solutions on the concrete as it can also cause it to change color. You can use any store bought polisher or use lemon juice or warm soapy water. If you wish to keep the bright color of silver, please be sure to wash it about once a month, or it will darken (which is also nice :).
  • Oxidized sterling silver jewelry should be handled with special care as the oxidization tends to fade over time or when rubbed on other elements, so be sure to keep them in a separate box than your other jewelry.
  • We provide a one year guarantee on our gold plated jewelry. To ensure a long lasting gold color, please be sure to keep your piece in a separate box to avoid it being rubbed against your other jewelry. You should also avoid contact of the jewelry with perfume.
  • There is no need to take your jewelry off when you shower, but take note that the concrete parts may darken quicker this way.
  • Otherwise treat it with just as much care as you would any other jewelry :).