Frequently Asked Questions

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Concrete in jewelry? Isn't it heavy?

  • Contrary to common belief, concrete is not a heavy material which is one of the reasons it is used so much in the construction industry. The reason for that belief is that when thinking about concrete we see in our minds buildings and houses, massive buildings. Concrete is actually lighter than the silver or gold plated brass we use in our jewelry so it enables us to create larger pieces that are lightweight considering their size. Imagine ceramic instead of concrete and you will get the idea. 
  • Also - we use special concrete compounds. It took us a year and a half of trial and error to find the right compounds for our jewelry. Other than aesthetic considerations we tested three main issues - strength, durability and weight. The concrete we use is very strong, it will last forever and it is very lightweight. 
  • Further reading about the process of choosing the perfect concrete for our concrete jewelry.


How do I determine my ring size?

Whether you would like to treat yourself to a ring, or get a ring for a friend or a relative, check out this ring size guide to find all the ways to find out the ring size that will best fit any finger.


Doesn't concrete break?

  • We use a special concrete compound in our jewelry to ensure that the concrete is much lighter, stronger and durable than the average concrete.
  • Having said that and although the concrete compound we use in our jewelry is very strong and durable, it’s not indestructible. Please take care not to drop or knock the jewelry as it is may chip and mark.


Where do you ship?

  • We ship our jewelry to every location on earth! However - if you are located in the EU or Britain please order from here to make sure all taxes and regulations are in order. Anywhere else - order here

How long before my jewelry is shipped?

  • We are a small business that makes everything by hand. This means we make all jewelry to order. Processing and manufacturing time for pieces without concrete is 3-5 days, and for pieces with concrete 1-4 weeks as concrete needs time to cure.
  • We keep a small stock on hand, and have jewelry in various stages of production. If we have the jewelry you ordered ready in our stock it will ship much sooner.
  • Feel free to contact us at to check the status of your order or to verify if we have what you want in stock.


How should I take care of concrete jewelry?

*This section is mostly relevant for jewelry made of silver or silver and concrete. For instructions on how to care for gold plated jewelry please continue reading below.

  • Due to the nature of concrete, the concrete element of the jewelry will age beautifully over time and use becoming darker, and even more unique.
  • You may want to polish up the metal parts of the jewelry but avoid getting cleaning solutions on the concrete as it can also cause it to change color. You can use any store bought polisher, use lemon juice or warm soapy water. If you wish to keep the bright color of silver, please be sure to wash it about once a month, or it will darken.
  • There is no need to take your jewelry off when you shower, but take note that the concrete parts may darken quicker this way.
  • Otherwise treat it with just as much care as you would any other jewelry :).
  • Please note that the concrete elements of the jewelry will change and darken slightly over time due to the oils on our skin which is part of their charm and of what makes each piece unique to its user.


Gold plated jewelry

  • Our gold plated jewelry are of very high quality, which enables us to provide a one year guarantee on all gold plated pieces. In most cases, provided they are handled according to the guidelines below, the gold coat will stay on for much much longer than that.
  • To ensure a long lasting gold color, please be sure to keep your piece in a separate box to avoid it being rubbed against your other jewelry. You should also avoid contact of the jewelry with perfume, and avoid showering and going into the pool or ocean while wearing it. 
  • Gold plated jewelry can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Let is soak for a few minutes, then wipe the metal parts with a gentle cloth (please be sure not to rub it), wash it with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • We also provide a service of renewing the gold plating. Please drop us a note if you are interested and we will send you a quote and packaging instructions. 


How should I treat oxidized silver jewelry?

  • Oxidized sterling silver jewelry should be handled with special care as the oxidization tends to fade over time or when rubbed on other elements, so be sure to keep them in a separate box than your other jewelry.


What does your handmade process include?

  • The process for each design is a little different. All the work is done in our Jerusalem studio using traditional silversmithing techniques. These include the use of manual tools and small handheld machine tools. We file, sand, solder, and polish each piece, then cast the concrete. After the concrete is cured (about 2 weeks, depending on the weather) there is another round of sanding before we apply the final matte finish that is the signature finish of  BAARA Jewelry. Since all pieces are made by hand and incorporate concrete that cures differently every time, no two pieces are exactly the same, each one is slightly different, resulting in unique pieces.


What are your ethical practices, if any?

We believe in slow and ethical fashion. When it comes to jewelry this means a few things for us:

  • We make everything by hand. 
  • We use ethically sourced materials.
  • We try to use recycled silver and other materials whenever possible.
  • We use local suppliers as much as we can.
  • We pay honest wages.
  • In general, we think about the consequences of our actions on our community and the environment when considering any new piece or process.