All the Ways to Wear a Brooch

Introduction to Brooches

Lets talk brooches. They are the most versatile yet the most underrated type of jewelry, although they have been making a comeback these past few years so more and more men and women are wearing them these days. 

The earliest known brooches are from the Bronze Age. Men and women have worn them since then mostly to fasten garments in a decorative way. Today, though, brooches are much more than that. They are pieces of art that can be worn in many ways as yet another way of self expression. 

The brooches you can find at BAARA are  very different from the classical brooches. They are concrete brooches, and concrete hat pins which are modern, playful pieces of jewelry to jazz up any outfit.

Types of Brooches

There are three main categories of brooches. Pins, brooches, and hat pins. Theses types refer to their closure mechanisms, to the ways they attach to the fabric.

The different closure types will affect how you can wear them. 

In this article I will show you all the ways to wear brooches and hat pins. Some ways to wear brooches are simply decorative, while others also serve a purpose. You can wear them to fasten a hat, with a scarf, on a jacket, to close a blouse, and in many more ways. 

All the Ways to Wear a Hat Pin

Let me start by telling you this - Hat pins are not just worn on hats!

Watch the video to find out all the ways to wear a hat pin. 


All the Ways to Wear a Brooch

These are the most versatile type of pins. They can even be worn as a necklace!

Watch the video to find out all the ways to wear a brooch.