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Concrete Hexagon Stud Earrings, Cement Unisex Earrings, Small Hexagon and Silver Studs, by BAARA Jewelry
Concrete Studs Earrings, Hexagon Cement Studs, BAARA Jewelry, Minimal Earrings

Stud Hexagon Concrete Earrings

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The stud hexagon concrete earrings are made of small concrete hexagons cast and finished by hand with sterling silver backing and silicon stoppers for perfect fit and comfort. The concrete parts are sealed with clear acrylic sealer.



  • Each hexagon earring measures about 0.25 inches (6 mm).

Additional Information:

  • These earrings are small enough for everyday wear, yet carry a presence and have a modern industrial feel to them due to the concrete elements.
  • Since the components of these earrings are made by hand each one is slightly different resulting in unique pieces.
  • All the jewelry featured in my shop is designed and handmade by me beginning to end so you can be sure to receive a unique piece.