Is concrete jewelry heavy?

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Is concrete jewelry heavy - blog by BAARA

The question

When it comes to concrete jewelry, one question that often arises is whether or not these pieces will be heavy to wear.


The answer: not at all. Concrete jewelry is very lightweight

One thing that is important to note is that concrete is actually a lighter material than metal, so a piece of concrete jewelry of the same size as a piece made entirely of silver would actually be lighter in weight.

This is because concrete contains small, air-filled pores, which give it a lighter overall density. While we may typically think of concrete as a heavy material it is a trick our minds play on us because concrete is used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other large structures.

Since the amount of concrete used in jewelry is very small, its weight is very low, especially in the concrete compound I use, which is extremely strong yet very lightweight. In fact, when making concrete jewelry, the quantities of concrete required are often so small that I often use baking measuring spoons or syringes to measure the quantities needed to prepare a batch as can be seen in this video:

That being said, not all types of concrete are equally light. In the process of designing and creating my own concrete jewelry, I experimented with various recipes and formulas, testing out different aggregates, cement powders, glues, and moisture levels in order to find the best concrete compound for each type of jewelry.

Square Concrete Necklace - Long statement necklace for women - by BAARA

The Square Fringes Concrete Necklace is an example of a large concrete necklace, for which a very lightweight concrete is used. 

For example, a larger piece may require lighter concrete to maintain a comfortable weight, while a more delicate piece with a thin layer of concrete may need a stronger, denser concrete to prevent chipping. It took me approximately a year and a half of testing and experimentation to determine the best types of concrete for my concrete jewelry.

Large balance concrete necklaces - handmade designer necklaces for women - Baara
The Balance Concrete Necklaces are an example of chunkier concrete jewelry. In this photo you can notice that the concrete in each of the necklaces is different - the photo was shot during my experiments period, but to this day, the concrete will cure differently in each piece, even from the same batch, making each piece one of a kind. (photo credit: Michal Kadari and Meital Rotman) 

In addition to the concrete itself, the curing and finishing processes also play a role in the final appearance and feel of the necklaces, rings and earrings (here you will find an article about the surprises that creating with concrete hold). Overall, the process of finding the perfect concrete compound for each piece of jewelry was an enjoyable and rewarding journey of exploration and experimentation.

 Example of concrete Jewelry Weight - BAARA

Notice especially the balance concrete earring - it is so lightweight! Super comfortable.

The future: it never ends :)

It is an ongoing journey. I constantly keep trying and testing different compounds for different designs, so as to make sure the concrete used is the best fit for different designs; making them as strong and lightweight as possible.

Let me know if you have any questions about the process of making concrete jewelry. I am always happy to answer any question regarding the process. I even hold workshops in which I teach how to make concrete jewelry.




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