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Values and Choices - BAARA Jewelry

Hi there,

It's election day here in Israel.

None of the parties are an exact fit to my world view, so I had to make choices. I had to check my values, and consider each of them against the values of the possible parties from which I had to choose. It was about choosing the most important values. Those that will ensure a democratic compassionate future for our neck of the wood.

When designing a new piece of jewelry, I always go back to the core values of BAARA Jewelry.

  • Minimal
  • Well designed and well made
  • Handmade
  • Eco friendly and locally sourced materials
  • Innovative

If the jewelry I just created can be produced following these values, I go ahead and continue the process in which at the end I put it on the website and you guys can buy it. If not, it goes into the recycling bin. It's a hard decision to make, throwing away my creation, but an important one.

Mismatched Circle + Line Earrings, by BAARA Jewelry. Minimal Asymmetrical Earrings, Long Stud

Mismatched Circle + Line Earrings. These recently made the cut and are available here.

I didn't realize I was intuitively doing that until today, when, for the first time in my life, I had to make a list to help me make a decision about the election (don't ask - Israeli politics in a mess at the moment).

So, what difficult choices have you had to make lately?



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