The Concrete Squares Collection

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Square Tassels Silver and Concrete Necklace, by BAARA Jewelry. Square Statement Necklace, Concrete Statement Necklace

Hi there,       

Finally. It's here. A long overdue new concrete jewelry collection.

The timing

This collection took its time to appear. I created the first pieces of it almost a year ago, and still, I hesitated with the launch, took my time. I tested each piece for durability and comfort by wearing them myself, letting friends and family wear them and report back to me on their experience. Only now, when I am 100% sure each necklace, ring and earring will sustain heavy use and stay as beautiful as on the first time they were worn, I am putting them out into the world for everyone to enjoy.

Square Concrete Collection, by BAARA Jewelry. Urban jewelry, concrete necklaces, concrete rings, concrete earrings

The inspiration

If I had to describe the square concrete collection in two words they would be: Urban elegance. Its lines are thin, parallel, exact, and together with the concrete inlay, form contemporary jewelry pieces that are both elegant and urban.

This new collection was inspired by the urban landscape. Its strait lines and square forms owe their origin to the urban environment of buildings, roads, crossroads, electricity poles, and fences. It is also inspired by architectural plans that have all these lines and forms that are the basis for what will eventually become someone's home.

concrete squares necklaces, by BAARA Jewelry

The materials

The minimal necklaces, rings and earrings in this collection are handmade of precious metals and a special blend of super hard and durable lightweight concrete. The contrast between the subtle shine of the metal and the matte surface of the concrete adds an aspect of uniqueness to the geometry of the jewelry. Also, since concrete cures and ages differently every time depending on how it is used, each piece turns out a little different from the other, and becomes unique to its owner.

The geometric jewelry in this collection include understated jewelry as well as elegant statement pieces to suit a variety of ages and outfits so you are sure to find one that suits your lifestyle.

Square concrete rings, by BAARA Jewelry. Three square rings in different styles. A delicate square concrete ring, a rectangle signet ring and an adjustable concrete geometric ring

The process

They are each lovingly handmade with a lot attention to detail by me and my assistant in my Jerusalem studio, placed in a beautiful box, wrapped, and sent to you ready to use or gift.

The user

Most pieces are designed for women, but like in all my collections, I also designed some pieces that are unisex, so men can enjoy the beauty of concrete jewelry as well.

So, I invite you to explore this collection, find the one you like best and treat yourself or a loved one with a unique piece of urban wearable art.







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